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The Single Sign-On (SSO) service makes it possible to log in to multiple KU online applications without re-entering your KU Online ID and password each time. After logging in to a KU site using SSO, you'll be able to access other SSO-enabled sites during the same browser session without logging in again. KU sites that use SSO include myKU portal and Blackboard.

Please note that SSO is specific to the browser you are using and your current session. If you open a different browser or close your current session, you will need to start SSO again by logging in to an SSO-enabled site. Also, SSO login sessions expire periodically. From time to time you will be asked to re-authenticate to verify your identity and authorized access.

You must have a KU Online ID to use this service. To get an Online ID, you must be affiliated with KU as a currently enrolled student, a currently employed faculty or staff member, a retiree, or an employee of a qualified affiliated organization at KU.

Visit Information Technology: Personal Accounts to learn more about accounts at KU.

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